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About Vaul-Tec

The Vault-Tec Corporation is a company contracted by the United States government before the Great War to design and produce the vault system, a vast network of complex bomb and research shelters.

Apart from heavy construction and technologies necessary for sustaining a population underground, Vault-Tec has also developed nuclear reactors, medical devices, such as the organ extractor, motion sensors based on Wattz Electronics' designs, and even the SimTek 5000 virtual reality simulation suite for accustoming Vault dwellers with the outside and the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System for facing any threats.

Doctor Stanislaus Braun
Director, Societal Preservation Program
Vault-Tec Corporation

Garden of Eden Creation Kit

Our new product created by Future-Tec, a division of Vault-Tec Corporation. The Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.) terraforming device created to ease the process of harnessing the post-nuclear wasteland for the Vault dwellers.

It contains all the seeds, fertilizer, and other equipment (including a cold fusion power generator and a basic replicator) necessary to start a new settlement in a post-nuclear world after emerging from a Vault shelter.

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Los Angeles
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